What Some of Our Amazon Customers Had To Say About Our Prayer Crosses...


Miss D Osman

well it's amazing, it is not to small it's quite large..

This was a present from my Nanny to my male cousin, but i picked it for her.
Well it is amazing, it is not small it is quite large and sturdy and the little cross is cute engraved and the engraving is small but looks nice, a chain came with it to which is quite strong,
My cousin absouletly loves his cross,he says i love it its so beautiful and all my mates ask me where i got it from. So in our family it was a hit, please bear in mind that this is quite a medium to large cross and sturdy so if your looking for that, it is perfect, if you are looking for a indiscreet small flimsy cross this is not for you. To be honest you can buy flimsy small crosses in many places but a sturdy strong medium sized one and one nice for a male is often hard to find and i think this item is brilliant for the money.



Excellent looking Product...

Arrived within time. Excellent looking product. Beautifuly made item. Would fit a man with a size 16 collar size easy. Will make a great unisex item.


Mrs D of BIrmingham

A beautiful silver type cross one and a half i niches high with Cross clearly and beautifully engraved...

A beautiful silver type cross one-and-a-half-inches high with cross clearly and beautifully engraved. Also has a strong chain of good proportions. I think this a great buy, at a good price and she loves it. Once she had finished her prayers, kissed her cross, and momentarily turned her pious face away for a little while - then she will be mine! Hah, what fun! Thank you cross...t


Shelagh Stuart

Love this item...

I love the fact the product arrived the day after I ordered it and when I placed it around my neck I experienced a feeling of spirituality and peace. The chain is sturdy and the cross is substantial in size. I was lucky to purchase at half price but even if I had paid full price this beautiful necklace is great value for money. Thank you I am so happy I bought your serenity pendant.