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Our Story Starts Here!

Hi Everybody,

My name is Tim Williams the founder of Jewellery4u & Rapid Spirit, that's me with my lovely wife Clair in the picture below. The story of Jewellery4u goes back to 2009 when I was working as an engineer for an american hydraulic filtration company based in cornwall here in the uk. I'd basically had enough of engineering, away from my family for long hours and working for somebody else. I just had to change direction but the problem was what else could i do?


I had always been working with stainless steel and different alloys as an engineer and was also very interested in the internet, so i put both my ideas together and started my own Amazon online store Jewellery4u selling stainless steel prayer crosses & fashion jewelry products. I became quite good at it and enjoyed running my online shop whilst working full time, the extra money came in handy and then everything changed in 2011..


My wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and became very ill, that led her to losing her job and me taking redundancy to stay at home to look after her.

My Amazon business became even more important than before as far as earning a living goes. Clair has always been very supportive, so helping each other and running the business from home worked very well as it still does to this day.

I'm very pleased to say now her health is on the up and generally she is feeling much better as you can see in the photo. Our anniversary picture 2018.

Rapid Spirit

I eventually decided to separate the prayer cross business away from Jewellery4u and put them under the brand name Rapid Spirit.

We now sell all of our religious jewelry including prayer crosses & fashion jewelry under various collections as you can see in our new store Spiritualstore4u which we just recently launched here on Shopify.

Our original Amazon Store Jewellery4u is now in its 10th year on Amazon and still performing really well. We have now expanded our product range in this store as you will see if you click the store link above.

I really do enjoy managing both of these stores with my wife, especially selling the religious products, the satisfaction it gives me in knowing how much it helps people in their every day living is very rewarding.

I had to draw on my faith a lot along the spiritual path during my wife's illness so i know how much the prayer cross scriptures mean to people.

I sincerely hope you all like the religious products we have on offer in our store.

May your God be with you.

Kind regards

Tim & Clair Williams


Rapid Spirit