A tinge of perfection to the Lord’s Prayer necklace with the latest trending fashion Cross collections brought to you by Rapid Spirit. Now, with the English Lord's Prayer Crosses we add extravagance to your jewellery collection, which is accompanied by faith. The beautiful Lord’s Prayer Cross Necklaces will be an opportunity for you to be fashionable, yet never losing the essence of your faith.

The verses inscribed on the pendant shall be a reminder for you to pray every day. You can decide the look of the chain according to your preferences. Go for the longer curb chains or make it shorter, the choice is yours! Rapid Spirit is ever ready to help you with your requirements.


At Rapid Spirit, we use a range of materials for our Religious Jewelry including stainless steel, alloy and wood to bring you one step closer to the Supreme Power. The designs of each cross that is sold in our store are unique and no two crosses are going to look alike. Why not try a wooden holy cross prepared from from Olive trees! The Olive trees are scattered everywhere in Bethlehem, where Jesus himself was born. 

Buy English Lord's Prayer Crosses, which you can wear at your next Sunday prayer session. It’s a guarantee that the Lord’s Prayer Crosses are certainly going to be the centre of discussion in your next church meeting with your friends and family. 


Why not gift your friends and family with the ultimate divinity present. Give away the  Lord's Prayer Cross Necklace on occasions that mark baptism, birthday, Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, or simply to convey your generosity and gratitude to someone.

You can buy a Men’s Lords Prayer Cross Necklace online from Rapid Spirit at a discount price rate and keep them as future gifts.  Whenever you find someone looking for a close companion to accompany for their prayers and meditation sessions, you can gift them with the ultimate power of the almighty captured in this beautiful prayer necklace.

Whenever you struggle to cling on to hope or start to lose your faith, The Lord’s Prayer Crosses are going to be your perfect companion. Send your best wishes to your family members and present them with the amazing gift of a Lord’s Prayer Cross Necklace.


  • Crux Ordinaria is the most common type and represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • Clement’s Cross is the ancient Christian Symbol used to convey the way how the saint was martyred.
  • Chi-Rho or Xi-Rho as they say, is the one the earliest monogram of Christ.
  • The Blooming Cross is the cross of the Armenian Apostolic Church and its name is mainly because the arms of the cross bloom into buds of trefoil.
  • The Jerusalem Cross is used to represent the wounds of Christ.