Reasons Why Lord’s Prayer crosses is Impressive Nowadays!

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Reasons Why Lord’s Prayer crosses is Impressive Nowadays!

Cross necklaces have been a significant charm since the Roman Empire. Crucifixes have recently become a trend among various jewelry designers. Crucifixes are a symbol of remembrance- they represent true love. They also resemble inspiration and accountability.

Cross necklace with Lord’s Prayer inside has become a trend nowadays. Crosses are widely worn nowadays by the fashionistas as it also derives a kind of aesthetic feeling.

The latest Met Gala also had the touch of the combination of fashion and Catholicism. There have also been criticisms on the use of religious symbols as a kind of style statement.

Different Types of Cross Necklaces to Embrace:

Cross necklace with Lord’s Prayer inside is eye-catching because of the mere fact it reflects. It reflects spirituality and a charismatic aura to the one who wears them. Crosses are often worn by Christians as a symbol of devotion to Christian faith. But nowadays it has also become a popular fashion accessory.

Cross necklace with Lord’s Prayer inside is believed to keep one away from evilness. Some wear crucifixes with the belief that God will guide them towards the right path in difficult times. The different types of crucifixes used in cross necklaces are:

• Greek Cross:
Its arms are of equal length. It’s been in use since the 4th century.

• Roman or Latin Cross:
It is a representation of Jesus’ crucifixion. It has a more extended descending arm.

• Byzantine Cross:
It was widely used during the Byzantine Empire. Its ends are widened outwardly.

• Patriarchal Cross (the three-bar cross):
It is popularly known as the archiepiscopal cross. It is a type of double cross having two crossbars at the top.

The Jesus present on the cross is the most valuable part. It portrays the love God has for us. Crucifix allows us to see the love in its purest form. Wearing a cross necklace with Lord’s prayer inside reflects the faith we have for God as well the love God has for his children.

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