How to Choose the Right Serenity Necklace?

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How to Choose the Right Serenity Necklace?

Faith is something that bonds the humankind together. Serenity prayer necklaces are something that helps you keep your faith for the lord close to the heart. While a simple serenity necklace would have the same effect as a stylish one, there is no harm in picking a serenity prayer necklace that goes well with your wardrobe.

You can be stylish and carry the message of optimism at the same time. If this is the first time you plan to get yourself a serenity prayer necklace, there are several criteria that you need to check before purchasing one.

1. Material:

Your belief upon the Lord is never ending. So, why should your prayer necklace wear after a few years? When purchasing the best serenity prayer necklace, it is imperative that you look for materials that last a lifetime. Most prayer necklaces come with beads added upon strong threads.

These threads are either created with strong metals or plastic components. While plastic doesn’t rust, any stretching action and it will surely break off. So, it is better to choose a metal material that is flexible yet doesn’t rust.

2. Message:

You can either go with a plain cross-pendant or with a message inscribed in the same. It is upon you whether you want it all plain or with a message from the Bible representing your beliefs. With serenity prayer necklace, a message will help you motivate others to follow the path of enlightenment.

Pick your favourite Psalm and get it embedded on the serenity necklace. You can also get pre-embedded necklaces on the online platform.

3. Stones Used:

Serenity prayer necklace can also be paired with popular gem stones that gel well with your ideologies. You can choose the turquoise stone for strength, good fortune, and protection or the white jade for focus, wisdom, and peace.

Any stone you use will help you attain the best clarity in terms of faith and clarity with regards to the religion you believe in.

4. Length of the Necklace:

Now, you wouldn’t want a necklace that digs too deep into your neck. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want any serenity prayer necklace that drags down low. The key is to find the right size that aligns right on top of your chest or the place where your heart is.

This helps you keep a closer connection with the Lord and his messages. So, before you purchase your serenity necklace, you need to measure the length that you require and look for necklaces that are closest to your requirements.

5. Number of Beads:

In general, there are 59 beads in the prayer necklace. However, it might vary depending on various faiths. Before you order the serenity prayer necklace, it is important that you pick something that has the exact number of beads.

Bottom Line

Serenity prayer necklace is the way for the ones with faith to remember the Lord and his power. In a sense, they give peace and sense of security during the gravest circumstances. So, make sure you order your serenity necklace while keeping in mind the points elaborated above.

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