Crucifix Crosses: Make a Statement with Something Bold

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Crucifix Crosses: Make a Statement with Something Bold

We are almost on the verge of welcoming a new year is when the crucifix crosses affixed jewelry have become the talk of the town. Wearing a crucifix cross symbolizes faith and gratitude towards the sacrifice made by Jesus. Along with outwardly affirming the wearer’s faith, it also embarks its blessings internally for the safekeeping of the soul.

Since the Christianization of the Roman Empire, cross necklaces have been a significant jewelry trend. But lately, crucifixes have become the most popular tropes among the top Instagrammers and jewelers of renowned brands. The recent Met Gala event had a tinge of the intersection of fashion and Catholicism.

Crucifix crosses provide a religious as well as aesthetic touch to your overall look. You can also browse through a wide range of products and buy Crucifix Crosses online. Read on to know about the different crucifix crosses.

• Greek Cross:
Its arms are of equal length. It’s been in use since the 4th century.

• Celtic Cross:
Initially developed in England, Scotland, and Ireland during the 5th century, the Celtic cross features the cross along with a circle, representing a halo ring. Symbolizing the Celtic or Irish heritage, this cross is widely used in fashion and jewelry.

• Roman or Latin Cross:
It is a representation of Jesus’ crucifixion. It has a more extended descending arm.

• Upside-down Cross:
Symbolising humility, this cross is often seen in heavy metal or gothic fashion.

• Byzantine Cross:
It was widely used during the Byzantine Empire. Its ends are widened outwardly.

• Christian Cross:
One of the most famous and recognisable, this cross symbolises faith and is believed to bring inner peace and comfort to the wearer. It also carries deep spiritual meaning within itself.

• Patriarchal Cross (the three-bar cross):
It is popularly known as the archiepiscopal cross. It is a type of double cross having two crossbars at the top.

• Wooden Cross:
This one is an understated but a refined version of the cross, specially designed for necklaces.

• Orthodox Cross:
Popularly known as the slanted cross, the Orthodox cross is a magnificent piece to be used in jewelry.

• Jerusalem Cross:
A type of heraldic cross encircled by four other crosses, Jerusalem cross, is popularly known as the Five-fold cross. It was the symbol of the Jerusalem kingdom.

• Coptic Cross:
Embellished with flowers, Coptic cross is a decorative and beautiful styled cross made explicitly for jewelry designs. Widely used in architecture and jewelry, it is considered as an extravagant emblem throughout Africa.

• Templar Cross:
The Templar cross was widely used by the Templar Knights. The Templar cross is worn by Templars on their robes which symbolized martyrdom.

• Tau Cross:
A T-shaped cross extended on all the three ends, Tau cross’ religious significance dates back to 2000 years. It is widely used in necklaces and jewelry because of its impeccable beauty. Get the latest designs and buy Crucifix Crosses online and make a statement with something bold.

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