4 Models of Cross Pendants Each Woman Must Own

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4 Models of Cross Pendants Each Woman Must Own

Cross necklace with Lord’s Prayer inside is any necklace that features the crucifix or Christian cross. It is worn mostly by Christians. However, it can be worn by anyone with faith in the Lord or just as a style statement. These cross pendants are mostly purchased from the stores or can be gifted to loved ones during the confirmation or baptism rites.

Crosses are generally worn to indicate one’s commitment to the faith of Christianity. However, many Christians also believe that wearing the cross tends to offer a protection from evil eyes. As a woman, you would surely want your faith to be close to you while you look as stylish.

If you are looking for the must-haves in terms of cross necklace with Lord’s Prayer inside, listed below are some of the popular ones.

1. Spanish Lord’s Prayer Crosses:

If you remember the Lord’s Prayer “Our Father, Who Art in Heaven”, it is essentially a way to remember and praise the Lord. There is a prevalent belief that keeping the Lord’s Prayer close to your heart helps us establish a connection with the God who helps us be free from the mortal sins and keeps us away from the worldly temptations.

The Spanish Lord’s Prayer crosses come with the very same prayer embedded onto the pendant in Spanish language. These prayer necklaces with cross pendants can be worn by anyone regardless of gender. However, women can add in a bit of blink here and there to customize their prayer necklaces.

2. Serenity Prayer Crosses:

The serenity cross necklace with Lord’s Prayer inside can be another addition to your set of religious jewellery pieces. With an inspiring message embedded within the cross necklace, you will feel relaxed and liberated each time you wear these cross necklaces.

Keeping it close to you will help you guide yourself through adverse situations that require mental strength as well as a feeling of compassion to walk on the right path. Pair these necklaces with beautiful beads or simple metal chain that lays down gently over your chest/heart.

3. English Lord’s Prayer Crosses:

If you aren’t as learned when it comes to the Spanish language, you can always go with the English cross necklace with Lord’s Prayer inside. The pendant attached with the necklace carries the prayer introduced by Lord Jesus for the humans to pray to the God above in heaven. The English Lord’s Prayer Crosses contain every line from the famous verse which is used during prayers and various Christian rituals by Catholics.

4. Crucifix Crosses:

The crucifix cross necklace with Lord’s Prayer inside have the lower section longer than all other parts of the cross. This variant of the cross signifies the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with the long end attached to the ground with his body hanging.

This form of pendant is great if you are transitioning the inner you. If you have been stressed out day-in and day-out, you need to add the Crucifix Crosses to your list of prayer pendants that are must have for your collection.

Bottom Line

Today, the internet platform brings you a number of variants for Lord’s Cross with holistic purposes. If you believe in the power of the Lord almighty, you should definitely add these crucial pieces to your collection.

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