Faith in the almighty or the greater good is not what people talk about very often. But, who would really mind if faith was combined with some fine piece of religious jewellery that reminds you of god. We have for you the Serenity Prayer Pendants which you are going to absolutely love.

The stainless steel pendants are designed in black and silver colours with intricate scripture etching which contain verses from the Serenity prayer. The pendants were also designed with a very specific intention in order to bring our customers one step closer to the Lord, to Faith in general.


At Rapid Spirit, we take proper care of our customers and their demands and provide them with religious products that are certainly going to give them a lifetime full of peaceful experiences.

We have already mentioned about the quality of products that we sell at Rapid Spirit. But, you must also take into consideration the other additional benefits that you get when you shop with us.

  • You do not have to sit and wonder when your parcel will be delivered. You can easily track them and get regular updates from us.
  • The price offered is genuine and the product delivered is definitely worth it.
  • No compromises on the quality of the metals offered.


As they say, if you can gift someone belief and faith you must really love them. Share your warm wishes and blissful blessing on your loved ones by gifting them a Silver Serenity Prayer Pendant.

You can buy Serenity Prayer Pendants from our website so you can give them to your friends and family, whom you really wish to encourage on their spiritual path.

The Serenity Prayer Necklaces can work as the emblem of your love and faith and will certainly strengthen your bond with the ones you love and really care for. Buy Serenity Prayer Necklaces Now!